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DLP Equity Fund I, LP

DLP Equity Fund I was DLP Capital Advisors’ first equity fund. The fund was designed to provide investors with a passive, limited partnership in the core of DLP Capital Advisors’ direct investment activities. The fund focuses on finding and acquiring the best deals – primarily residential homes, renovation of the properties, rental and property management, financing/leverage, as well as the ultimate sale of the assets, all while the limited partners receive the majority of the profits. This fund is focused on investing in income producing properties, purchased at 30-50% under current market values. These properties are improved in order to maximize the value. After improvements, DLP’s professional property management will be utilized to produce maximum annual returns and increase the long-term value of the assets. The Equity Fund currently owns over 130 assets and over $25 million in AUM. The fund has a 4-6 year fund life left, with targeted annual returns of 25% net to investors.

DLP Fixed Fund, LLC

The DLP Fixed Fund, LLC primarily provides loans (in addition to select preferred equity investments) to affiliates of DLP Capital Advisors, including holding entities of the DLP Equity Fund I, LP and other entities, including Good as New Ventures, LLC. The Fund is a hybrid fund, offering both Equity and Debt participation options. On average, just 70% of the repaired value of the properties is lent to the borrower, providing equity of more than nearly 50% of the note amount. Most of the investments made by the DLP Fixed Fund are private notes to affiliated entities of DLP Capital Advisors for the purpose of buying, improving, and reselling or refinancing primarily residential and multi-family properties, with the largest asset class being single family homes.

Risk Disclaimer: These investment opportunities have inherent risk factors. These investments are not backed by the FDIC, and  no investment can guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.

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